"board me here mom"
About Us

The idea of Liberty Acres Pet Lodge has been a dream of mine since I was little. I was that kid who sat quietly for hours waiting for the timid neighbor dog to finally trust me enough to approach. Once the neighbor even found me sitting in his barn playing with his baby chickens. I always knew animals would be a part of my life. So I became a certified veterinary technician and had the priviledge of serving in the animal health industry for 12 years. After that I was excited to be able to work as the program director at a pet resort. Still, I had the dream of my own dog boarding kennel. So with my wonderful husband Don,  we got started late fall of 2009 with building our new pet boarding facility. We have always thought "what we would want for our dog?" as we built the kennel. We are committed to providing a loving, fun, and sanitary place for your pet to stay. The best compliment we hear is that our boarders remember where they are and start barking with excitement when their owner pulls into the driveway to drop them off.